STEM Education for Everyone

Robotics, Internet of Things and Machine Learning  are three of the trending topics in technology and electronics — you will learn how to master these three topics through a practical approach with this new ebook.

Whether it’s the first time you design an electronic project (or the first time you  use Arduino) or, on the contrary you already have experience in electronics, Arduino for Everyone: From Kids to Inventors will allow you to acquire essential knowledge in order to learn how to build and hack incredible projects by yourself.

Our goal is to inspire intellectual curiosity in the next generation of future global leaders in STEM fields.

We believe every child deserves access to hands-on STEM learning, which is why we plan to donate 1 product for every 10 products sold  to a local charity partner that runs STEM programs at local educational institutions in underserved areas that can leverage our products.

Inside Arduino for Everyone: From Kids to Inventors you will learn how to:

  •  Design practical, real-world projects using Arduino.
  • Create modern and professional projects with Arduino.
  •  Transform any idea into a project and even develop and sell your own product.
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